We are building technology solutions which enable patients with rare and complex diseases to access the best therapies and support, while continuing to help get much-needed drugs and new therapies to market faster. With over 10,000 known rare diseases, a staggering 95% lack FDA-approved therapies. This leaves patients and caregivers contending not only with limited treatment options, but also grappling with the daily stress of navigating complex healthcare systems and making critical decisions for their well-being.

Through our direct relationships with patients, our AI-powered technology gathers health records on their behalf and crafts detailed and personalized patient and disease profiles that are seamlessly integrated as part of the Ciitizen platform. These profiles are easily accessible and shareable, helping doctors, patients, and caregivers make informed and timely treatment decisions, and providing researchers with the richest real world information to develop novel therapies much faster.

We are building technology that will be the nerve center for patients helping identify the best therapies and care - and we need your help to get there!